Speech and Language Pathologists use their expertise to develop and maximize a child's speech, language, oral motor skills and social pragmatic skills in a motivating, play setting with the goal of increasing their independence and ability to communicate.  Some areas addressed include:
  • articulation difficulties
  • fluency and stuttering issues
  • oral motor skills
  • auditory processing
  • expressive and receptive language impairment
  • pragmatic skill development
  • vocal quality and resonance
  • augmentative communication (PECs, picture schedule, sign language...)
  • apraxia ( difficulty planning and coordinating oral motor movements to produce speech)

 ​Speech (articulation) Groups: 2-3 kids grouped to address speech/articulation related issues with an experienced SLP, after school hours, 30 minutes sessions for $45. Children are grouped according to age, skill level, and area of concern or focus.

 Language Therapy Groups: 2-3 kids grouped to address language related issues with the added bonus of being in a social environment to practice the language, as well as address social-pragmatic skills. The groups are 30 minute sessions with an experienced SLP after school hours for $45. Children are grouped according to age, skill level, and areas of concern or focus.

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Why should my child receive additional speech therapy outside of school services?

Your child's ability to be understood and to understand are very important both in and out of school. Most school-based services focus on classroom needs.
Here at Therapy SPOT, we focus on "the whole child," which means the ways they function at home, with friends, and at school.
Summer is a great time to strengthen speech and language skills. Don't let your child's successes slip away during school breaks - build on them. Practice at home and with an SLP are important even during summer break.
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