Occupational Therapists work to develop functional skills needed for independence with play, self-care, learning and academic success, motor skill development and socialization in the home, school and community.  Some of these skills include:

  • Social Skills Training
  • Fine Motor Coordination and Visual Motor Skill Development
  • Sensory Integration and Motor Planning
  • Auditory and Visual Processing
  • Trunk, Upper-body and Hand Muscle Strengthening
  • Cognitive Development & Re-education (Abstract Reasoning, Executive Functions, etc.)
  • Problem-solving & Critical Thinking
  • Organizational Skills & Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension & Expressive Writing Skills
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Self-care Activities (Feeding, Dressing Skills, etc.)

Sensory Gym & Equipment
Help with handwriting
Help with fine-motor coordination
Does my child have an "occupation"?
What is OT?

Your child's occupation, right now, is being a successful student, family member, & friend.

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps people enhance the skills they need to successfully and independently thrive in their areas of "occupation."

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