NEW!  Mindfulness Groups for Kids
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Therapy SPOT Inc. offers NEW Mindfulness Groups for children.
    These groups are especially designed for children with symptoms of anxiety, such as:

   -   Worrying
   -   Trouble sleeping, eating, or focusing
   -   "What if..?" thinking
   -   Frustration & anger
   -   Being stressed-out
   -   Overwhelmed by change

    Children will learn mindfulness practices that can help address the symptoms of anxiety like mindful breathing and yoga exercises. 

Be Present, Be Mindful, Be Aware (non-judgmentally)

Each student  must be interviewed prior to admission to ensure proper placement.

Contact us TODAY to get started.

Mindfulness Girl-Friends Group

    This Mindfulness Group is specifically for girls ages 8-11

Mindfulness Group for Boys

     This Mindfulness Group is specifically for boys ages 9-12

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