Pragmatic Social Groups
For Adolescents & Young Adults
& for Children 5-12

For Adolescents & Young Adults
Therapy SPOT Inc. is now offering social skill groups for adolescent/young adults. These social skill groups are especially designed for those who show interest in social relationships but have difficulty developing these skills with PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and other related disorders. The group is limited to 6-8 members, and will be run by Monica M.Weller MSOTR/L, Director of Therapy SPOT Inc.
Some of the topics that we will be discussing are:
Peer relationships
Conversational skills
Organizational skills
How to act at an interview
Time management skills
Personal hygiene 

Children 5-12
Our groups are for children 5 - 12 years of age with strong language skills, but need help to further develop successful communication skills and build peer relationships.  All of our children have average to above average IQs and spend the majority of their days, if not all day, within typical classrooms.  The groups are divided according to the ages and skill levels of the children.  We currently are running 4 groups with 6-8 children in each group.  The groups are on-going throughout the school year and are run by an OT trained in social pragmatics.  Each session is 90 minutes long.  80 minutes for group time and 10 minutes for parental consultation for effective carryover into the home and community.  Each student must be interviewed prior to admission to ensure proper placement.  Please contact us to arrange a free interview appointment.

Play Groups for the Early Years
Our PLAY GROUPS are for children 3 1/2  to 5 years old.  The group is designed to help promote social-language, play skill development, and cognitive skills (such as direction following, impulse control, frustration tolerance and attention span).  
The PLAY GROUPS are run by a trained OT and consist of 4-6 children.  This is a fun and safe social and play environment.  The children learn skills ultimately necessary for successful peer interaction: 1 to 1 in small groups and in the classroom.  
Each session is 60 minutes with 45 minutes for group time and 15 minutes for consultation with the parents for effective carryover in the home and community.

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