Our tutor is a certified teacher with additional training and certifications in reading, math, and special education. She is familiar with the curriculum and expectations of both the public and private schools within our area. She has taught in a variety of settings and can provide both individual and small group instruction. She is aware that each individual has his/her own learning style and is able to present information using a variety of learning techniques and styles.

    Homework can be a stressful experience in many households each day. Our tutor at Therapy SPOT can help maximize gains and minimize discomfort by helping students complete homework assignments in a fun and creative way.

   Available for private sessions and in small groups. Call today to schedule a session or for more information.

Why should my child see a tutor in the summer?
    "Summer is fun an exciting, and an important time to relax. However, regular review and practice is the best way to develop new skills while strengthening others to minimize stress and promote success at the start of the new school year."


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